Ohio Imam Identified As U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Leader


The Jawa Report blog has commented on the connection between the head of an Ohio mosque and the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. According to the report:

One of the more interesting development that has come out of the Riqa Bary dependency trial thus far is the meticulously footnoted 35 page memorandum submitted to the Florida court by Rifqa’s attorney, John Stemberger, concerning the Bary family mosque in Ohio, the Noor Islamic Cultural Center. According to Rifqa’s affidavit, individuals from the mosque had reported her Christian faith to her father and the mosque leaders ordered him to get his daughter “in line”, leading to the threats her parents have admitted to that prompted her to flee to Florida. Her affidavit also documents the Bary’s families activity with the Noor Center. We’ve reported on the Noor mosque previously, but there are important elements to the Stemberger memo worth additional attention concerns the head of the mosque, Hany Saqr, who is identified on the Noor website as the “founder, spiritual leader, administrator and chairman” of the mosque. Saqr’s name came up during the Holy Land Foundation terrorism finance trial (which resulted in convictions against the defendants on all counts) as one of the top leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in North America. Specifically, he was identified in a 1992 Muslim Brotherhood phone directory entered into evidence by the Department of Justice as a member of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and the Eastern region “masul” for the group….As Fox News reported after the memo had been submitted to the court, Saqr denied all the charges. Presumably, this includes his denial that he was identified in the court documents. But not only was the home phone number listed in the directory registered to his home address at the time (as it appeared on his Ohio drivers license), but the office number also went to his office in the pathology department at Ohio State University according to university records. Additionally, the home phone listed in the court documents was registered for several years following that time, including to the address Saqr used when he and his colleagues incorporated the American Islamic Waqf – the parent corporation of the Noor Islamic Cultural Center.

A report from the Hudson Institute contains detailed information on the history of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.

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