Muslim Council Of Britain Leader Says European Leaders Deliberately Causing Hostilty Toward Muslims


Muslim World News has translated an Iranian media report covering statements made by Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) deputy general secretary Daud Abdullah which accuse center-right European leaders of deliberately instigating hostility towards Muslims. According to the report:

Daud Abdullah has reportedly accused European governments of attempting to consolidate an atmosphere of hostility towards Islam and Muslims in Europe , in the knowledge that right wing parties take advantage of this atmosphere to advance their political goals. In a programme on the Arab speaking Iranian channel al-Alam, Abdullah, Deputy Secretary General of the MCB said: “The right wing associations and parties in Europe have found an appropriate atmosphere that accords with their ideologies and aspirations, and a racist political message which opposes Islam, and are ‘riding the wave’ by taking advantage of all of it in order to advance their political goals”. Abdullah added that hostility towards Muslims in Europe is not a new phenomenon. Rather, it has developed over the last decade, as the media and official institutions embarked upon a campaign to defemate the Muslims following the 9/11 events, in order to establish a hostile environment towards Muslims. This campaign, he added, has switched from discourse to acts of violence, as in the murder of Marwa al-Sherbini in a German courthouse, and official speeches by European leaders such as Sarkozy, Berlusconi or even the Vatican; all of the above, according to him, are engaged in a cultural-ideological campaign against Islam and Muslims, so that the common people start to hate Muslims. Abdullah further explained that official European studies suggest that children hate Muslims from a young age, indicating that there are those who sow racist ideas in their minds. There are people, he added, who are unequivocal in their racist ideas and will not accept other views, including those who participate in racist demonstrations against foreigners strictly because they are not Europeans. Abdullah concluded by saying that there are those who do not want Muslims to take part in political life in Europe . They accept only conditional participation, by excluding the hijab and opponents of the existing foreign policy. He also referred to attempts in Britain to find a special form of Islam which conforms with European practices, and said that these attempts have concluded with the British government intervening quite markedly in Muslim issues.

A post from March of this year reported on the controversy which resulted from statements by Mr. Abdullah, first reported by GMBDW, which called for opening “a third Jihadist front” centred on Gaza.

The MCB is a U.K. umbrella group dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

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