CORRECTION: Hamas Members Not Removed By U.S. From Terror List.


The International Analyst Network website has reported that the Israeli media report cited by GMBDW which said that all but one member of Hamas has have been removed by the U.S. from the international list of terrorists was in error. According to the website:

After publishing the article ’Hamas may have been whitewashed, but it is no cleaner than before’ here three days ago, a friend who is also professionally involved in counter-terror finance messaged me to say that the information on which I had based the article was inaccurate: the US Treasury continues to blacklist the main leaders of Hamas and to ban any transaction with them. Indeed, the US Treasury blacklist of Palestinian Legislative Council members, which was last updated in April 2006, names the full Hamas leadership, from ’HANIYA, Ismail (a.k.a. HANIYA, Ismail Abdul Salah; a.k.a. HANIYYA, Ismaeel)’ down, on 11 pages, not just Musa bu Marzouk, as I mistakenly wrote. Avi Trengo, the Israeli journalist quoted in the Israel National News report that was my source, says that INN simply didn’t understand him correctly….

Since the report appears to be incorrect in its entirety , the relevant post citing the report has been removed.

GMBDW bases its reporting on public information which, regrettably, sometimes turns out to be in error. We will always publish a correction when it comes to our attention that information reported here is inaccurate.

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