EXCLUSIVE: Muslim Brotherhood Resource Website Likely New Front Organization


Ikhwanscope, a new website purporting to be “an independent Muslim Progressive and moderate non-profit site” , appears to be a new front organization of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. According to the “About Us” section of the site:

  • “Ikhwanscope is an independent Muslim Progressive and moderate non-profit site, concentrating mainly on the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement founded by the Imam Hassan Albana.”
  • “Ikhwanscope is concerned with all articles published relating to any movements which follow the school of thought of the Muslim Brotherhood worldwide. In so doing it hopes to construct a foundation in which references about the movement are available to those who are interested where a forum for open discussion and comment is open to all.”
  • “Ikhwanscope will be accessible in both Arabic and English hence reaching a larger number of readers who are interested in Islam and Islamic Movements.”
  • “Ikhwanscope is directed towards helping researchers and Islamic and political scholars with references concerning Islamic Movements.”

The Ikhwanscope website was first registered in December 2009 and according to domain registration records shares the same administrative contact (mb4web@yahoo.com) with the domain of the official Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood English-language website, both domains being registered in Cairo, Egypt but hosted in the U.S. with Theplanet.com, a Dallas-based Internet hosting company that is known to have hosted Taliban, Hezbollah, and Hamas websites in the past.

The Ikhwanscope website features a section titled “Ikhwanophobia” currently listing only a Hudson Institute report on the history of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood that is frequently cited by the GMBDW. It should be noted that the central theme of that report is the creation and history of what the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood itself called its “front organizations.”

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  1. Shlomo Tannenholz

    There’s no ‘likely’ about it. They have a Scribd a/c where they source a lot of research papers and pamphlets. Some of the papers are then translated into Arabic, reuploaded at Scribd or posted at the Ikhwan site.

  2. GlobalMB

    The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood web site just re-posted this post in it’s entirety on their web site. That is a bit odd because it would seem to further support the case that Ikhwanscope is tied to them.