Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Wants End To Cooperation With CIA; Blames Israel For Bombing


AFP has reported that the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood has called on the Jordanian government to stop its cooperation with the CIA. According to the report:

Jordan’s Islamist-led opposition called on the government to stop cooperating with the US Central Intelligence Agency, saying that the US-led war in Afghanistan “is not our war.” “The American empire’s war in Afghanistan is not our war. It’s not in Jordan’s interest,” 78 opposition figures, including Muslim Brotherhood leader Hammam Said and outspoken former MPs Leith Shbeilat and Tujan Feisal, said in a joint statement. “Jordanian policies should be reviewed. Jordan should stop cooperating with American and Zionist intelligence. It should pull out any troops in Afghanistan or any other place,” they added. The opposition statement came after the death in a January 30 suicide bombing in Afghanistan of senior intelligence officer Captain Ali bin Zeid, a member of the royal family, along with seven CIA agents spotlighted Jordan’s role in the international coalition there. The opposition leaders said the “real fascist terrorism is the Zionist terrorism that threatens world peace and Jordan’s future.” “Jordan should not be dragged into wars of others and should not turn into a battlefield,” they added.

AFP has also reported that the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood blamed Israeli for the recent roadside bombing near an Israeli embassy convoy:

Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood said “such incidents should be expected….”As long as Israel is in the region, carrying out its non-stop aggression against the Palestinian people, we should expect these things to happen,” Brotherhood spokesman Jamil Abu Baker told AFP.”Israel is the source of violence in the Middle East.” The influential Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm, the Islamic Action Front, have repeatedly called for the scrapping of the peace treaty, expulsion of Israel’s ambassador and a cut in relations with the Jewish state.

Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood leaders are currently on trial in Jordan on charges of corruption.

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