U.K. National Association of Muslim Police Holds Conference On Islamophobia


The National Association of Muslim Police, a U.K Islamic police organization, has announced a conference titled “Challenging Hate” that was scheduled to have been held on Monday. According to an announcement posted on the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) web site:

A vast amount of research has been carried out into the causes and effects of Islamophobia and the impact on the daily lives of the Muslim community. This unfortunately has culminated into crimes being perpetrated against the Muslim Community across the full spectrum of offenses. Muslims are the biggest BME community in UK and Europe. They are also the second biggest faith group in UK, Europe and USA, despite that they are the least represented in both public and private sectors. The Muslim community is now the prime target from fringe groups to mainstream political parties’ members with a real risk of a siege mentality from the community members. It is this area that the conference intends to explore with real cases and scenarios, successful local engagement and solutions and utilising the expertise of all the delegates to explore the main issues for Policing and Community Cohesion.

According to an MCB press release:

The National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) was launched at British Transport Police HQ in London on Wednesday the 11th of July 2007. NAMP represents Muslim Police Officers and Staff through out the United Kingdom and provides a national voice for existing Associations of Muslim Police organisations…Dr Bari from the Muslim Council of Britain opened the launch and said” Muslims in the police service are essential and provide a valuable service to all sections of the community”

The links to Islamic organizations on the NAMP web site are mainly to organizations with strong ties to the U.K. Muslim Brotherhood including the MCB itself as well as the Federation of Students Islamic Societies (FOSIS) for example.

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