BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Website Supports Striking IslamOnline Employees


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood web site has announced an “E- support” campaign for the Egyptian employees of IslamOnline (IOL) who are on strike for the second week. According to the announcement:

For the second week, IslamOnline employees’ open strike continues against the policies of the new administration in Qatar which includes its efforts to shut down the broadcasting of the site from Cairo office, changing its editorial policy and publishing different materials that do not abide by its mission and the message that it was established for by Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. IslamOnline employees call upon all web activists and bloggers to participate in the e-campaign for supporting IslamOnline which will take place on Tuesday 23rd to help IOL editors in gaining back their role and to support the site in continuing its role to deliver the moderate and civilized view of Islam globally in Arabic and English Language. of March, 2010. Any one that might be interested in participating in such campaign can help us through any of the following ways:

Unification of all Facebook statuses to “In solidarity with IslamOnline”. Changing of profile pictures to a unified banner for solidarity. Changing status on IM clients to “In solidarity with IslamOnline”. Joining our Twitter campaign by send tweets of solidarity between 2 & 3 PM Cairo time and DON’T forget to include the hashtags #IslamOnline & #IOL in your tweets. Launching groups for solidarity with Islamonline on different Social networks. Joining the protest against the current situation and in solidarity with IslamOnline on SecondLife at 3 P.M. Cairo time. Adding the solidarity banner to your blog. Blogging about how important is IslamOnline to you and what its impact on you is either on the personal side or in general.

Earlier posts have reported on the strike being carried out by Egyptian employes of IslamOnline who claim that Qatar plans to control the site and impose a new editorial policy on it.

IOL is strongly associated with global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi.

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