BREAKING NEWS: Middle East News Portal Says Qaradawi Intervening In IslamOnline Strike


A MIddle Eastern news portal is reporting that global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi has intervened in the strike and crisis at Islam Online (IOL) by ordering the firing of two officers of the Al Balagh Cultural Society, the founding and operating body behind IslamOnline. According to the report:

A senior source in IOL says Qaradawi issued a decision to sack Dr. Ibrahim al-Ansari, Vice President of the al-Balagh Society, and Eng. Ali al-Amadi, General Manager of the Society and acting manager of the website, this upon request by members of the management committee. The source fingered the two as being behind the crisis. Ever since the crisis began, Qaradawi has been hospitalised, and said that they took advantage of his absence and illness. A formal message is expected on Thursday, and new Vice-President and manager are expected to be elected. The source further estimates that this decision may not be enforceable, adding that it has fingerprints going even beyond Qaradawi himself, leading to the Qatari government and external forces, and that there are probably personal issues involved as well….In the meantime, the strike is to continue.

An earlier post reported on the strike being carried out by Egyptian employes of IslamOnline who claim that Qatar plans to control the site and impose a new editorial policy on it.

(Translation by Muslim World News)

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