European Muslim Brotherhood Warns Of "Escalating Israeli Agressions" Against Holy Sites


The Federation of Islamic Organizations In Europe (FIOE) has issued a statement warning of the “grave nature of the escalating Israeli aggressions against Islamic holy sites in Palestine.” According to the FIOE statement:

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe warns of the grave nature of the escalating Israeli aggressions against Islamic holy sites in Palestine The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe has followed with great alarm the escalating trend in aggressions and violations committed by the Israeli occupation authorities against Islamic holy sites, and the historic features and heritage of civilisation in Palestine, especially in the cities of Al-Quds—Jerusalem, Alkhalil—Hebron, and Bethlehem, which signals seriously dangerous repercussions. It is highly apparent that the Israeli occupation forces have continued to desecrate the spaces and environs of the blessed al-Aqsa Mosque, and perpetrated all forms of inhumane treatment on the Palestinian civilians offering their ritual daily prayers there.  In the latest developments, these forces attacked the sacred mosque en masse through all its gates on Friday, 5 March 2010; paying no regard to the sanctity of the site, representing the first direction of prayer for Muslims, and the destination of the miraculous night journey, al-Israa, of the Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him, and one of the three most important mosques in Islam, alongside the Holy Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah. These developments come only days after the occupation forces viciously attacked the prayer congregation in al-Aqsa Mosque on Sunday, 28 February 2010, in the aftermath of the wide-scale and fierce confrontations by the occupation forces a few days before in the city of al-Khalil—Hebron, site of the noble Ibrahimi Mosque. These horrific developments clearly reflect long-term Israeli official policy aimed at taking control of Islamic holy sites in Palestine; in addition to the pressure on Christian places of worship, and obstructing Palestinian Christian congregations from freely accessing their places of worship, even on days of religious celebration, by the Israeli authorities. What confirms the Israeli government’s inclination towards brute escalation is the latest decision announced by the Israeli government on 21 February 2010, which resolved the addition of the sacred Ibrahimi Mosque in the city of al-Khalil—Hebron, and the Bilal bin Rabah Mosque (called by the Israeli occupation authorities as Rachel’s Tomb) in Bethlehem, both situated in the occupied West Bank, to the list of Israeli historical sites. This step represents an inflammatory violation of religious feelings and a provocation to Muslims everywhere; in addition to its flagrant violation of international law and its rules regarding occupied territories, which is what the Israeli authorities have long done without hesitation…The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe as it followed with great alarm the rapid succession of developments, and the horrific violations and provocations, expresses its brotherly solidarity with the unarmed Palestinian people suffering under Israeli military occupation, yet unwilling to abandon sacred sites, cultural heritage, or rightful possessions. The Federation, at the same time, calls on the entire Muslim Ummah to stand up to its responsibilities in protecting its sacred sites, and liberating them from this wicked occupation. The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe also calls attention to Europe’s responsibility in reining in Israeli extremism fuelled by a notion of power, and in exposing the continuing crimes and violations committed without let by the Israeli authorities and their military forces. No doubt that neglect in face of these grave practices will only invite the extremist far right Israeli government to go even further in its violation of international law and human rights, and its flagrant disregard for human values, moral standards, and international norms.

A report on FIOE by the NEFA Foundation describes the organization as follows:

The Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE) claims to be an independent organization representing the interests of Muslims in Europe. In reality, the FIOE is an umbrella group that comprises the global Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. Strong links connect FIOE’s leadership central institutions and member organizations to the Brotherhood, as well as to Saudi Arabia. Funding for the FIOE is derived largely from Gulf sources, including some of the ruling families of the United Arab Emirates. The FIOE has strong ties to Hamas and Hamas fund-raising organizations, and some FIOE member organizations show evidence of links with Al-Qaida. The FIOE recently opened a headquarters office in Brussels and has had some success in positioning itself as a “dialog partner” for the EU and other important institutions.

A previous post discussed the call by the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood for a “third intifada” in response to the same grievances expressed by FIOE.

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