IIRO USA Agent Also Represents Saudi Dawah Organization With Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas/Al Qaeda Ties


An earlier post discussed the registration of the new US office of the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO). As discussed in that post, the registered agent for IIRO USA is Malik Sardar Khan who listed a residential address in Miami and who also serves as IIIRO USA Secretary-Treasurer. This post also noted that the MOTAMAR AL-ALAM AL-ISLAMI (Muslim World Congress), headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan, was also registered at the same Miami address and that Mr. Khan describes himself as the Muslim World Congress (MWC) Councillor for the U.S. and Main Representative to the United Nations. One of the websites for an organization known as the International Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief (IICDR) also lists Dr. Khan as its Editor and Chief and UN Representative with a PO Box address and telephone number that is associated with the same Miami address used to register both the MWC and the IIRO. The IICDR web site describes the organization as follows:

The International Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief, (IICDR and variously Dawa’a, Dawaa, Dawah or Da’wah) consists of 86 Islamic organizations. The Council’s objective is to promote the message of Islam, improve the relations between Islamic peoples and provide aid and assistance to the needy, orphans, and widows. The International Islamic Council for Daw’a and Relief (IICDR) (Arabic: ?????? ???????? ??????? ?????? ????????) is a coordinate foundation, which includes more than one hundred Islamic non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and governmental organizations (GO’s) from all around the world. Our organization’s headquarters is in Cairo, Egypt.

The IICDR identifies Abdullah Omar Nasseef as its Secretary-General who is also the President of both the MWC world organization and its US branch. Dr. Naseef has held many important positions in Saudi Arabia including serving as Vice-President of the Kingdom’s Shura Council, President of King Abdul Aziz University, and most importantly as Secretary-General of the Muslim World League (MWL) from 1983-1993.Other members of the IICDR “Presidency Staff Council” are identified as:

  • Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi- President (late head of Al-Azhar, recently deceased)
  • Yousf Al Hegy- Vice President
  • Abdullah Salih Al-Obeid- Vice President (former Saudi Education Minister, former Secretary-General Muslim World League)
  • Dr. Malik S. Khan-Editor-in-Chief

The IICDR web site identifies a large number of affiliated organizations, many of which are associated with the global Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas fundraising, or support for Al Qaeda. Examples include:

  • Association of Reform and Social Guidance – Dubai, United Arab Emirates  (likely UAE Muslim Brotherhood chapter)
  • Palestine and Lebanon Relief Fund – London, United Kingdom (aka INTERPAL, Hamas fundraising)
  • Revival of Islamic Heritage Society – Kuwait (US designated terrorist entity, Al Qaeda support)

Both the Saudi Muslim World League (MWL) and the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) are also listed as IICDR affiliates, The MWL was established in 1962 as a means for the propagation of Saudi “Wahabbi” Islam. Muslim Brothers played an important role in its founding and, to date, the League has been strongly associated with the Brotherhood. The MWL, together with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), are Saudi organizations believed by US. government officials to have helped to spread Islamic extremism around the world as well as sponsoring terrorism in places such as Bosnia, Israel, and India.

(Note: The IICDR web site can also be found here.)

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