Russian Ambassador Meets With Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood


Egyptian media is reporting that leaders of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood have met with the acting Russian ambassador. According to a report on Ahram Online:

Russian acting Ambassador with leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (photo: curtsy of Muslim brotherhood Online). Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party met with the acting Russian ambassador to Cairo Ivan Molotocov in the party’s headquarters Wednesday morning. In a phone call with the Moscow News Agency, party officials confirmed the news, adding that the party’s chairman, Mohamed Morsi, and the party’s general secretary, Saad El-Katanany, attended the meeting. The meeting comes a few weeks after a US diplomat announced that Washington will resume its contacts with the Brotherhood. The group’s leaders said that any comunication with the international realm is welcomed by them. The Russian diplomat stated that the reason behind that visit was to know the vision of the party regarding the future of Egypt through direct contact with the party and its leaders. Morsi, for his part, underlined the importance of Egyptian-Russian relations, saying there was a similarity between Egypt and Russia in regards to democratic transition. The Brotherhood-affiliated party officials answered questions from the acting Russian ambassador regarding the party’s policies, particularly if it favours a religious state, something party officials strongly deny.

A previous post discussed a report that France has been “engaged” with the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan.

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