Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Congratulatons Libyans On “Victory”


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has issued a statement on what it calls “The Victory of the Libyan Revolution” saying that the victory “.” should be a lesson for all the dictators.” The statement posted on the Brotherhood website  begins:

Tuesday, August 23,2011 16:27 IkhwanWeb Another tyrant has fallen after he ruled his country with iron and fire, oppression and terror, prisons and detention camps, gallows and assassinations for more than forty years. The people revolted against him in a revolution that was a peaceful one at the beginning, but when that tyrant began to use the planes, tanks and rocket launchers against his people, they took up the light and little arms available to defend themselves. The Libyan people presented thousands of martyrs and tens of thousands of wounded and injured people over the last six months, until Allah Almighty granted them the victory they deserve in the holy month of Ramadan, and this is a blessing and miracle from Allah.  This era is the era of the people, the era of freedoms and human rights, the age of elimination of tyrants. As the people move and make sacrifices, it becomes clear that no force of any kind can stand in their way, and it becomes clear that nothing – even the harshest weapons or armies – would ever stand between the people and achieving their goals. This is the third lesson in the Arab region and North Africa, where this whole area is completely liberated from Egypt to Tunisia passing through Libya. The Muslim Brotherhood, as it praises Allah for this victory, offers sincere congratulations to the heroic Libyan people; the sons of Omar al-Mukhtar, the free people descending from free people. With the virtue of Allah Almighty, they managed to end the nightmare, defeat the tyrant and restore freedom to the Libyan nation and people.

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