Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Demands Expulsion Of Israel Ambassador In Reponse To Soldier’s Deaths


Egyptian media is reporting that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is demanding that the Israeli ambassador be expelled and threatening military action in response to death of five egyptian soldiers following a terrorist attack against Israel. According to an Ahram Online report:

The Muslim Brotherhood have released a statement following Israeli attacks which left five Egyptian soldiers dead, demanding that the Israeli ambassador be expelled from Egypt and that the peace treaty between the two countries be renegotiated. The statement also warned Israel that it should not assume that the Egyptian army is too occupied with internal politics or that political groups would be divided in the face of further attacks, stating that Egyptians — army and people — would fight any threat to the country together. The Brotherhood underlined that Egypt is different after the revolution, and that such a crime would not pass without consequences as it would have under the former regime. The group also asked the military council to hand over power soon so that it can focus on its original role of securing the nation.  “

According to a Reuters description of the original incident:

The crisis began when gunmen killed eight people in southern Israel on Thursday in attacks near Egypt’s porous desert border, prompting Israeli forces to chase the infiltrators, killing seven of them. Israel blamed the attack on a Palestinian faction that entered from the Hamas-run Gaza Strip via Egypt’s Sinai desert.
The Israeli military killed the faction’s leadership in an air strike in Gaza on Thursday and launched more than a dozen more raids on Friday.



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