Jordan Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Libyans; Wants Same “Struggle” in Palestine


U.K. Islamist media is reporting on a statement by the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood congratulating the Libyan people on their “revolutionary victory” and calling on a similar “struggle” to be waged in Palestine. According to a Middle East Monitor report:

The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan has congratulated the people of Libya for their revolutionary victory in gaining control over large areas of the Libyan capital, Tripoli. Hammam Said, the Brotherhood’s General Supervisor, issued a statement saying, “We congratulate the great Libyan people and the Arab and Muslim nation for this glorious victory which coincided with the 22nd night of the blessed month of Ramadan.” This, he said, has to be added to the list of “the great conquests achieved in this holy month, such as the historic victory at Badr and the conquest of Makkah”. He called upon Syria’s President Bashar Assad and Yemen’s Abdallah Saleh to learn from this “striking example of the overthrow of tyranny”. No regime was as “bloody and tyrannical” as that of Gaddafi, he said. “Nonetheless, Allah the Almighty wanted it to be ousted from its roots, as a warning to all tyrants.” The Jordanian Islamist leader described the Libyan revolutionaries’ victory as “special”, and referred to the “tens of thousands of martyred and injured [Libyans] … which makes it an achievement contributed to by all Libyans, men and women, old and young”. He added that the Libyan people have emerged stronger and can now take their place “at the forefront of the Muslim Ummah”. According to Mr Said, such a struggle should be at the forefront of all issues across the Muslim Ummah, including Palestine, to achieve freedom and justice from occupation.

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