French Delegation Meets Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader; Receives Lecture On “Islamophobia”


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood website is reporting that the head of the Brotherhood met Tuesday with a French delegation that included the French ambassador and lectured them on “Islamophobia.” According to the report:

Dr. Mohammad Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), received in his office Tuesday afternoon, Hervé Gaymard, France’s former Finance Minister and president of the French National Assembly’s Egyptian-French Friendship Group, Jean Felix-Paganon, the French ambassador in Cairo, and their accompanying delegation (members of the French National Assembly), as well as Ms. Laura Bazan, a Committee on Foreign Relations adviser.  Dr. Badie emphasized that the Brotherhood is an all-inclusive Islamic institution, and that it established the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) to be its political arm. He added that the FJP has formed an alliance of all the spectra of Egyptian political and social hues. He also mentioned that coordination with the FJP is confined to major, crucial decisions and basic positions and views, like presidential and Cabinet elections, and that the party is fully independent in all other affairs, subject to the vision of its elected institutions.  The MB Chairman asserted that U.S. and Western governments’ clear bias and their dealing with double standards with regard to Palestinian issues damage and impede good relations with the Arab and Muslim peoples, pointing out that relations between peoples are the most durable, powerful and resilient.  Dr. Badie expressed his hope the falsehood of Islamophobia – the lie of the Islamist Scarecrow would vanish forever, “Let’s judge what is happening on the grounds of hard facts, not fabricated lies”.

In December of 2011, a post reported that U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee head John Kerry and the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt visited the headquarters of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

Numerous GMBDW posts have observed that so-called Islamophobia is a major theme of the Global Muslim Brotherhood. For one example of how the Brotherhood uses the concept, go here.

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