RECOMMENDED READING: “Muslim Brotherhood General Guide Muhammad Badi’: Our Ultimate Goal, Establishing a Global Islamic Caliphate”


The leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has given a sermon in which he calls for a “total reform in all domains in life” resulting in the gradual establishment of an Islamic state. According to a MEMRI translation:

In a recent sermon, the General Guide of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Badi’, set out his vision for his movement and for Egypt in the post-revolutionary era. Citing Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan Al-Bana, he stated that the movement has two goals. The immediate goal is to prepare the hearts and minds of its members, which involves “purifying the soul, amending behavior, and preparing the spirit, the mind and the body for a long struggle.” The second, long-term, goal is to affect “a total reform of all domains of life,” which will eventually result in establishment of an Islamic state governed according to Koranic law – first in Egypt and eventually in the entire world. Badi’ stressed that this long-term goal can only be achieved by gradual stages: by “reforming the individual, then restructuring the family, then building society and the government, then [establishing]the rightly guided Caliphate, and [finally achieving]mastership of the world.” He also emphasized that this must be achieved through cooperation among all the forces and sectors in Egypt, and without any coercion: “All these purposes and goals… must be realized… through unity of ranks [not division], by persuasion, not coercion, and by love, not by force.” Badi’ warned against the “attempts to split up the united ranks [of the nation]and drive a wedge between young and old, men and women, Muslims and Christians, and [different religious]schools and groups,” saying that the Egyptian nation will need all of its human resources in order to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Finally, he advised his followers not to follow their emotions but to manipulate the circumstances rationally and realistically: “Do not fight the ways of the world because they are overpowering. [Instead], try to overcome them, use them, change their course, and pit some of them against others.” The following are excerpts from the sermon, which was posted December 29, 2011 on the Muslim Brotherhood website”

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An earlier post discussed an interview with Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi in which he calls for the gradual implementation of the Shariah (Islamic law) in Egypt.

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