Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Says “Saboteurs and Fifth Columnists” Behind Effort To Thwart Egypt


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood website is reporting on comments by its media spokesman in which he claimed that “plots of saboteurs and fifth columnists” supported by Arab and Western countries were behind an effort to stop the Brotherhood from helping Egypt out of unspecified crises. According to the report:

Thursday, February 23,2012 Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, Media Spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), said “I believe the Egyptian people are blessed with such refined awareness that they will not be affected by plots of saboteurs and fifth columnists”. Earlier, the Egyptian writer Fahmi Howeidi, in the program “On My Responsibility” on satellite TV channel “Al Jazeera Live – Mubasher – Egypt”, said he had information on a scheme to thwart the efforts of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and the Muslim Brotherhood to help rescue Egypt from its worst crises. In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Ghozlan added, “We will deal wisely and firmly with any such plots and schemes, and we will continue to work sincerely, persistently for the rejuvenation and rebuilding of Egypt, and to proudly serve all Egyptians”. The MB spokesman emphasized that the people follow all the facts and know about conspiracies being hatched against the revolution, adding that “The people are only too aware of the widespread corruption brought about and institutionalized by the former regime. I believe our good Egyptian public will always take the side of dignity, freedom and independence – of the loyal men and women working for the interests of this homeland”. In his TV program, Howeidi said he had substantial information indicating the existence in Egypt of a dubious group preparing to form a new party that will cast itself as the true representative of the national forces that can rescue the country. Moreover, the Egyptian writer asserted that this party is currently distributing its membership forms, adding that it is supported by certain Arab and Western countries, and that its meetings are already underway, and also preparation of a plot in which that party’s collaborators will come out to demand the ousting of the Brotherhood. Howeidi said that the MB has broad experience and considerable expertise that allow them to uncover the heinous plot and foil the saboteurs’ scheme, adding that the Brothers’ role is not confined to partaking in the elections, “The Brothers are bearers of a universal message that must spread on as wide a scale as possible. They have a lot to contribute towards the advancement and revitalization of Egypt, and the restoration of its dignity and rights that had been violated for centuries”. Howeidi stressed that the Brotherhood should remain part of the national movement, which seeks to achieve a real and comprehensive renaissance in this homeland.

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