U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Part Of Still Another “Coalition”


U.S. media is reporting that “thirty-three civil rights groups” have written a letter to the New York Attorney General complaining about police documents recommending increasing surveillance of Shiite mosques. According to an AP report:

NEW YORK — Thirty-three civil rights groups from around the country complained to the New York attorney general Friday about police documents that showed the New York Police Department recommending increased surveillance of Shiite mosques based on their religion. The letter urged Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to investigate NYPD’s surveillance operations, revealed by an Associated Press investigation, which monitored entire neighborhoods and built databases about everyday life in Muslim communities. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have insisted that police only follow legitimate leads and do not conduct preventative surveillance in ethnic communities. A May 2006 report addressed to Kelly, however, recommended increased spying at mosques and an assessment of the region’s Palestinian community to look for potential terrorists. Even before the AP published the document, Kelly was under fire from Muslim groups who were angry that a controversial movie about Muslims, “The Third Jihad,” was shown at NYPD training sessions. Kelly appears briefly in the movie. About 150 protesters gathered near police headquarters Friday to challenge the NYPD’s tactics. “Don’t be afraid, stand for justice!” they chanted before holding evening prayers in nearby Foley Square. “Just the fact of knowing there is someone out there trying to listen to my conversations that can turn me into some kind of criminal, which I’m not, and exploiting my religion, it hurts,” said Sondos Alsilwi, an 18-year-old history major at City College. Schneiderman’s office did not immediately have a comment on the letter.
The Obama administration has made fighting homegrown terrorism a focus of its national security strategy but has repeatedly sidestepped questions about whether it endorses the NYPD’s tactics. Tom Perez, the U.S. Justice Department’s top civil rights prosecutor, has refused to even answer questions about the NYPD. The 2006 intelligence report, entitled “US-Iran Conflict: The Threat to New York City,” made a series of recommendations to Kelly, including: “Expand and focus intelligence collections at Shi’a mosques.” It includes a list of mosques and community organizations stretching from southern New Jersey to Connecticut.
The NYPD’s operating rules prohibit it from basing investigations on religion. The NYPD also says it follows FBI guidelines, which would prohibit many of the steps recommended in the report.

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The letter signed by the groups reveals that in addition to a large number of far-left, Shia, and Arab-American groups, there are also twelve Muslim organizations in the group that are either part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood or closely tied to it:

  • Al-Awda NY (Palestinian organization that works closely with the movement to delegitimize Israel)
  • Council on American-Islamic Relations – New York (CAIR-NY)  (U.S. Muslim Brotherhood)
  • Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA)  (part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood)
  • Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition (MACLC)  (a new coalition itself comprised largely of U.S. Muslim Brotherhood groups)
  • Muslim Bar Association of New York (MuBANY)   (president is Safia Hussain who is part of Mazen Asbahi Law Group, for Mr. Asbahi’s ties to the USMB, go here,  part of MACLC)
  • Muslim Leaders of New York  (headed by Zaheer Uddin, former Sec-General of ICNA)
  • Muslim Progressive Traditionalist Alliance  (chair is Adem Carroll, background with Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), part of MACLC)

An earlier post discussed another recent “coalition” calling for the resignation of the NYPD commissioner over what it says is a cover-up over a film shown to NYPD officers. As that and other posts have noted:

One of the most ubiquitous tactics of the Global Muslim Brotherhood is the establishment of a dizzying number of organizations and initiatives and which create the impression of broad based support when, in reality, the sponsors are the same individuals and groups whose leaders have not changed in many years.” In yet another illustration of this tactic, a March 2011 press release issued by the Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition (MACLC), CAIR’s  “coalition” partner above, identifies 13 of its constituent organizations of which 9 are Islamic organizations. All nine, along with CAIR itself, are either part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood or with strong ties to U.S. Muslim Brotherhood organizations.

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