Reporters Without Borders Names Egyptian Brotherhood As “Predator of Freedom of Information”


Egyptian media is reporting that Reporters Without Borders has added the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood  to their list of ‘Predators of Freedom of Information’ for 2013. According to an Ahram Online report:

Friday 3 May 2013 France-based media watchdog Reporters Without Borders added Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to their list of ‘Predators of Freedom of Information’ for 2013 on Friday, which marks the World Press Freedom Day, accusing the group’s members and supporters of attacking journalists.

‘Members and supporters of Egyptian President Morsi’s party, the Muslim Brotherhood, have been responsible for harassing and physically attacking independent media and journalists critical of the party,’ the group stated on its website.

President Mohamed Morsi, who has been in power for ten months, ran for presidency through the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), which he headed before assuming power.

He announced that he parted company with the FJP shortly after winning the 2012 elections to prove that he is a ‘president of all Egyptians.’ Critics, however, keep arguing that he is loyal to the Brotherhood, which they regard as the de-facto ruling body of Egypt.

The World Press Freedom Day is an initiative launched by Reporters Without Borders to encourage freedom of the press and pay tribute to journalists who were subjected to harm while carrying out their job.

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In March, opposition newspapers were accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of trying to infiltrate and hinder their operations. In February,  the long-time editor of Ahram Online, described as the “most influential English-language website in Egypt and Al-Ahram’s voice to the world.”, claimed that he was forced from his position by the paper’s new chairman, a Brotherhood appointee. In August 2012, Israeli reported on efforts by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to control the nation’s media.  Also in August 2012, in what appeared to be a gesture towards international pressure, Egyptian President Morsi issued a decree rescinding preventive detention for publish offenses and the freeing of a newspaper editor jailed for alleged publishing crimes.

Nation magazine has published an article titled “The Muslim Brotherhood’s War on Egyptian Media” that provides additional information about the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s ongoing efforts to control the country’s media.

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