EGPYPTIAN CRISIS: Events In Egypt- Where To From Here


As we return from the US July 4th holiday, it is clear that events in Egypt are unfolding rapidly and represent some of the most significant developments since we began covering the Global Muslim Brotherhood in 2007. Our plan to deal with the sometimes overwhelming amount of news and intelligence to process is two fold. Firstly, we will attempt to keep you up to date in real time via our Twitter feed as we have been doing since the crisis began last week. It is here where we will post significant news events that we regard as “perishable”; that is which represent a “current events” perspective as opposed to an analytical view. Second, we will focus on they meaning of the Egyptian crisis for the Global Muslim Brotherhood at large. 

As we watch the newest crop of Muslim Brotherhood “experts” appear on the major media, we are reminded of a disclaimer that we normally posted regarding the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood prior to their ascension to power following the overthrow of former Egyptain President Mubarak:

It should be noted that the Muslim Brotherhood today has become a global network and that the Egyptian mother branch is not necessarily the most important part of the movement.

We can assure you that anyone who fails to understand that the Muslim Brotherhood today comprises a network operating on a global scale is not equipped to educate the public on these issues. Accordingly, we will focus our attention over the next weeks and months on the reactions and changes in the Global Muslim Brotherhood as it begins to cope with the overthrow of President Morsi and the seeming collapse of Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt.

We have added a new category titled “Egyptian Crisis” which will be used to label future relevant postings.

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