RECOMMENDED READING: “Egypt Crisis: Fall Of Morsi Challenges Qatar’s New Emir”


The BBC has posted an article titled “Egypt Crisis: Fall Of Morsi Challenges Qatar’s New Emir” that looks at the implications for Qatar in the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt. The article begins:

Ties between Qatar and Egypt had grown warmer under Mohammed Morsi Continue reading the main story Related Stories

Qatar’s delicate balancing act Qatar country profile Sporting events shine spotlight on Qatar’s human rights The abrupt fall of the Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has left the tiny Gulf state of Qatar with a very big headache barely a week after a young and inexperienced Emir has taken charge.

The Qatari support for Islamists throughout the Middle East as a strategy to establish itself as a regional powerbroker now looks increasingly threadbare.

In Syria, President Bashar al-Assad is slowly but surely gaining the upper hand on rebel forces that have had substantial backing from Qatar but it is Egypt where the young Emir may be left holding onto a policy that has cost the Qataris billions while backing the Morsi government.

The strategy of support for Mr Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood looked a shrewd one just a year ago. Egypt had emerged from its Arab spring revolution to hold its first fair and open presidential election. Mr Morsi won a slight majority.

Key to his election victory was the promise to revitalise Egypt’s moribund economy. The Qataris positioned themselves to prime the pump with massive transfers of cash, some $10 billion (£6.5bn) since Mr Morsi came to power.

It’s like we’ve dumped our girlfriend’

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Our predecessor publication extensively covered the role of Qatar as a supporter of the Global Muslim Brotherhood.

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