French Muslim High School LInked To Muslim Brotherhood Opens Its Doors


Agence France is reporting that Al-Kindi, France’s largest Muslim high school located in a suburb of Lyon, began its first full school year on Tuesday after what was called “a months-long battle with authorities who questioned the credentials of its staff.” The school, one of only three Muslim high-schools in France, has more than 170 students enrolled aged 11 to 16. A French media report indicates that the president of the Association Al Kindi, Nazir Hakim, is a also vice-president of the Union of the Islamic organizations of France (UOIF), part of the Muslim Brotherhood in France. The report cites Mr Hakim as stating that the educational program is modeled on State education with the addition of a course of history of Islam, an Arab writing course, and a course in communication ‘to help these children of immigrants to develop their capacities to be form an active life.” The tuition, estimated at 1,230 Euros annually, will me met in large part by gifts from unidentified private individuals, mosques, and businesses.

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