U.K. Muslim Brotherhood Organization Once Again Criticizes Anti-Terrorism Conviction


A spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain, a Muslim Brotherhood organization currently operating in Scotland, has reacted to the conviction last week of Mohammed Atif Siddique, 21, who was convicted of possessing suspicious terrorism-related items including CDs and videos of weapons use, guerrilla tactics and bomb-making. He was also found guilty of collecting terrorist-related information, setting up websites showing how to make and use weapons and explosives, and circulating inflammatory terrorist publications. Commenting on the conviction, Osama Saeed stated:

.. despite the conviction, there was no evidence that Siddique was part of a wider terror campaign. He said: “The trial did not uncover a plot, much less an active plot, to cause death and destruction here in Scotland. “What we heard was a story of a teenager who was involved in ideas, particularly on the internet, which he shouldn’t have been. “This was motivated clearly by his concern for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, wars in which our country is still involved.

This criticism of a terrorism prosecution follows a pattern often seen in the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood whose members have criticized almost every terrorism prosecution to have taken place in the U.S .

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