Muslim American Society President Resigns From Virginia Commission


Associated Press is reporting that the Dr. Esam S. Omeish, President of the Muslim American Society (MAS), has resigned from the Virginia State Commission on Immigration following the pubic release of videos showing him condemning Israel and advocating “the jihad way.” The report describes the videos as follows:

Omeish,… is shown in a video on YouTube denouncing an invasion of Lebanon by the “Israeli war machine” during an Aug. 12, 2006, rally in Washington. He also accuses Israel of genocide and massacres against Palestinians and says on the video that the “Israeli agenda” controls Congress.In a separate, undated video, Omeish tells a crowd of Washington-area Muslims, “… you have learned the way, that you have known that the jihad way is the way to liberate your land.”

The governor stated that while he respected Dr. Omeish as a community leader, the statements were “of concern” and he didn’t want tthe controversy to distract from the work of the 20-man commission which was to study the effects of immigration and federal immigration policies on Virginia. The video was credited to the Investigative Project, a Washington-based organization that investigates radical Islamic organizations. The MAS is a less well-known part of the Muslim Brotherhood network in the U.S. exposed in September 2004 as part of the Brotherhood by a newspaper article.

(note: vides online at YouTube video of Omeish and video of Omeish)

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