Islam Online Once Again Compares The Treatment Of Jews And Muslims


The Muslim Brotherhood continues its long-standing practice of comparing the treatment of Muslims with that of Jews, this time in the criticism of an upcoming march in Brussels entitled “Stop the Islamization of Europe.” An article recently posted on Islam Online, the Islamic news portal operated by Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi, asserts that the march is evidence that Europe is headed for another “Kristallnacht” a reference to the night in 1938 on which thousands of Jewish homes, business, and synagogues in Germany were destroyed:

Europe is struggling with a dilemma. It claims it is open and human, but can no longer hide its racist and imperialist character. After the appeal to censure the Qur’an and after comparing the holy book with Hitler’s Mein Kampf, the announcement of the anti-Islam demonstration on 9/11 proves this once more. Despite the many warnings against this extreme right wave, it seems hard to stop the train, one that is leading to an “enlightened” Kristallnacht (the night on which the German parliament was put on fire and the beginning of the Holocaust). After the so-called Jewish danger, it now is the Islamic danger that is being created as to neglect the real problems that the European society faces. A society that survives on racism, exploitation, and blaming the other ‘” these days, the Muslims.

The article concludes once more by raising the issue of the treatment of Jews:

Whoever speaks out against a ban of the anti-Islam demonstration should also agree in principle to, for example, an anti-Judaism demonstration ‘” something that will not be easily accepted in Europe. Otherwise, Europe’s hypocrisy and racism will be exposed, if it is not already clear.

Previous posts have noted that the Muslim Brotherhood frequently make comparisons and analogies to Jews and Jewish organizations as well as engaging in outright anti-Semitism.

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