U.K. Brotherhood Alliance Announces National Media Campaign


The website of the British Muslim Initiative (BMI), a new Muslim Brotherhood organization in Britain, has announced the beginning of a new national media campaign to be targeted at the U.K. transport system and which seeks to “educate the general public about the real views of British Muslims”:

Islam-is-Peace launches national media campaign on buses, trains, airports and tube network reaching out to the wider community during the holy month of Ramadan. Monday September 24th saw the launch of a national media campaign which aims to correct misconceptions about Islam and British Muslims. The nationwide campaign is designed to educate the general public about the real views of British Muslims. ‘Islam Is Peace’ aims to break down barriers of suspicion and division, challenge stereotypes, combat prejudice, and offer an opportunity for strengthening the values of respect, tolerance and peaceful co-existence. This message is being taken to wider audiences through an extensive advertising campaign on London buses, tubes and will later roll-out throughout the United Kingdom. The launch of this campaign is timed to coincide during the holy month of Ramadan.

The campaign is sponsored by an alliance of U.K. Islamic groups known as Muslim United that, as a previous post has noted, is comprised mainly of Muslim Brotherhood organizations. The national media campaign appears to be part of a larger effort sponsored by the group that has already included a dedicated website and a series of national newspaper ads under the name “Muslims United.”

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