Video Reveals Discovery Of Holy Land Documents


The Investigative Project has posted a video covering the discovery of a cache of U.S. Muslim Brotherhood documents found in the backyard of a home previously owned by one of the defendants. According to the description of the video:

The variety of evidence shown to the jury in the Holy Land Foundation trial includes government wiretaps and videos seized during the execution of search warrants at HLF offices and elsewhere. Many of the documents that linked the defendants to Hamas were written in foreign languages and dealt with a turbulent situation half-way around the world. Here in the U.S., one Falls Church, VA man who had never even heard of the Holy Land Foundation until recently, tells us the unusual story of how some of the key pieces of evidence popped up… right in his own backyard.

Previous posts have discussed the importance of the documents which reveal previously unknown covert structures of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.

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