U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Leader To Host Radio Talk Show In D.C.


IslamOnline has reported on the launch of a live radio talk show to be hosted by Mahdi Bray, a leader in the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. According to the report:

Recognizing the importance of the media, American Muslim community leaders have launched a live radio talk show from Washington to give an accurate image of their community. “We are the only Muslim voice on a popular radio – New World Radio WUST 1120 AM – from the nation’s capital,” Crescent Report host Mahdi Bray told IslamOnline.net. The 30-minute radio show titled, “The Crescent Report”, Bray’s brainchild, targets the over 1.5 million listeners in the greater Washington area. Starting on Sundays from 11.30 am until 12.00 noon, The Crescent Report aims to give an accurate image of the Muslim faith to the American listening audience. “The mission for broadcasting this show is to give an authentic voice to the Muslim community in the United States and present the true image of Islam before the wider world,” stated Bray, who also serves as executive director of MAS Freedom, the civic and human rights advocacy entity of the Muslim American Society. The radio show, returning from a brief hiatus after its original 2004 launch, returned to the airwaves Sunday, December 21, 2008 with special guest Keith Ellison, America’s first Muslim Congressman, who spoke about prospects and challenges facing American Muslims, now estimated at nearly seven million. “Audience participation was exhilarating,” Bray added. Bray said the show will focus on current events but also invites the listening audience to talk about issues such as current affairs, politics, Islam, cultural events, civic and religious rights and responsibilities, Islamic economics, and even fashion. Guests will not be restricted to those residing in America, “They can be from anywhere,” noted Bray. Bray added, “This is a step forward in advancing independent Muslim media, and we hope to expand the program from thirty minutes to a full hour in the months ahead.” Much Needed Co-host Ibrahim Abdil-Mu’id Ramey, MAS Freedom’s Civil and Human Rights Director, said the radio show is an effective tool to reach out to the diverse Muslim and non-Muslim community in Washington D. C. “It is both our social and religious responsibility to let people know of the great treasure of Islamic religion.”

Mahdi Bray is one of the leaders of the Muslim American Society (MAS) that was established in 1993 by leaders of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. A Chicago Tribune investigation revealed the close ties between the MAS and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. The Washington Post reported in 2001 that Mr. Bray had been hosting a radio show on a low-power radio station in Washington, D.C. The show was sponsored by the Islamic Foundation of America, a Saudi-funded organization, and listeners reported anti-Semitic content

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