Leader Of Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Calls For Slaughter Of Jews


The head of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood has called for the “slaughter” of Jews during expressions of solidarity with Gaza and opposition to the Israeli blockade. According to a MEMRI report, an organization which monitors Arabic language media for Islamist content, Sheik Himam Sa’id, Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan said during speeches aired on Al-Manar and Al-Aqsa TV, December 3 and 5,

Oh noble Gaza, raise your head high. You have made the Muslims raise their heads high. And you, people of Hebron – you are now waging a war against the Jews. You are well-versed in this. We saw how, on a day in 1929, you slaughtered the Jews in Hebron. Today, slaughter them on the land of Hebron. Kill them in Palestine. Arise, oh people of Palestine, all the people of Palestine – arise in defense of your Al-Aqsa Mosque, arise in defense of Nablus and Hebron. Arise and face the [PA] Preventive Security forces. Fear them not, for they are rabbits. They are wolves, so fear them not, oh lions.

A previous post has discussed stepped up efforts by the global Muslim Brotherhood to help defeat the Israeli blockade of the Gaza designed to pressure Hamas into stopping the firing of rockets into Israel.

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