Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Identifies Global Brotherhood Organizations


Despite past claims that the Global Muslim Brotherhood is a “Hollywood fiction”, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has issued yet another statement identifying the names of global Brotherhood organizations. In an article about the history of Muslim Brotherhood websites, the Egyptian Brotherhood identified a slew of Mideast organizations and one Italian group as belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood:

Only three Islamist movements in three countries put the Muslim Brotherhood banner in their websites: Sudan,, Syria, and Jordan, followed by Lebanon,, Libya,, and Hamas movement of Palestine, These three websites contain sub material that frankly shows the ideological link with the parent group. In spite of the strong relation between the Muslim Brotherhood in Algeria and the parent group, but the former”s website is under the banner of the Movement for the Society of Peace,, without referring to the parent group in its sub material, while other websites representing Muslim Brotherhood leaning bodies appear with the name of the organizations, parties, societies or establishments through which these bodies work in their respective countries, like Yemeni Congregation for Reform”s website,, Iraqi Islamic Party,, Al-Eslah (Reform) Society in Bahrain,, the Islamic Party for Justice and Development in Eritrea,, the Union of Islamic Communities and Organizations in Italy,, and Al-Nahda (Renaissance) Movement in Tunisia, Those websites were launched in different periods of time. Some of them were launched earlier like the website of Italy”s Muslim Brotherhood,, in February 1999, Bahrain”s Muslim Brotherhood,, in March 1999, Eritrea”s Muslim Brotherhood in January 2000, Algeria”s Muslim Brotherhood in December 2002, Libya”s Muslim Brotherhood in February 2002, Iraq”s Muslim Brotherhood in August 2003, and Sudan”s Muslim Brotherhood in March 2005.

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