Global Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Extol Jihad In Gaza


Before a recent economic summit in Kuwait, 100 Muslim religious leaders issued a statement tilted “Statement In support of Gaza” whose signatories included Youssef Qaradawi, probably the most important leader of the global Muslim Brotherhood, and Qadi Hussein Ahmed (aka Qazi Hussain Ahmad), leader of the Pakistani Jammat-E-Islami political party closely allied with the global Brotherhood. According to a description of the statement by a Qatari newspaper:

The statement signatories pointed to the Israeli brutality, saying that: “The usurper Jewish criminals used a devastating war machine in a way that shows to the whole world the truth about this racist and criminal entity, and eliminates all false illusions claiming that it is democratic, humane, or legitimate.” The statement outlined the Israeli crimes, such as “the use of all kinds of destructive weapons;” the deliberate killing of civilians in an operation of mass murder through random strikes that targeted houses and their inhabitants, worshippers in mosques, UN buildings, and hospitals; and the use of internationally-banned weapons, such as white phosphorus bombs. The clerics expressed their support for what has been achieved in Gaza, saying: “We praise the stance of our people, the heroes in Gaza, and those of the Palestinian mujahidin, in light of their outstanding ability to stay firm and steadfast in the face of the brutal and criminal aggression using advanced and devastating war machines.” The statement also criticizes the stance of those it describes as “those spreading sedition and the conspirers,” stressing that the military resistance cannot be excluded from the national Palestinian plan as they wanted. The statement says: “What took place in Gaza shows, praise be to God, that those who spread sedition and the conspirers lost their bet on the surrender of the resistance, its submission to the tyranny of the enemy, and complying with the conditions and decisions the enemy -and its supporters-wants to impose on them to achieve its interests. The jihad factions, led by the Hamas Movement, have proven that they cannot be bypassed.” The statement says that the US stance was supporting the Zionist entity, while the official stances of the Arab and Islamic countries were weak and powerless.

It is notable that the statement repeatedly employs term “jihad” as well as the more unusual term “mujahidin” as a description for Hamas.  A full test of the statement carried by the newspaper contained the following language:

D -The unity and coordination among all the factions of resistance, especially in their steadfast stances and announcing the continuation of jihad. E -Confronting the enemy in the field of psychological warfare and the influence of media, and jihad against the invading army, supported by all sectors and institutions of the society. F -The special ability of the jihad factions to be present in the media scene and supporting the events by statements and interviews, as well as their continuous presence in the political arena and dealing with its proposals. G -The clarity and consistency of the demands of the mujahidin that were announced by Hamas and supported by the other jihad factions of the resistance to see the achievement of Palestinian interests.

A previous post extensively discussed global Muslim Brotherhood deception tactics concerning the concept of JIhad.

(Source: BBC Monitoring Middle East – Political Source: Al-Sharq website, Doha, in Arabic 20 Jan 09 January 23, 2009 Friday “Muslim scholars address Kuwait summit on Gaza, call for boycotting Israel, US” Text of report by Qatar newspaper Al-Sharq website on 20 January)

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