U.K. Muslim Brotherhood Conference Features Anti-Israeli Jewish Speakers


The Muslim Association of Britain, a part of the U.K. Muslim Brotherhood, has announced that it was organizing a conference to have been held on Sunday which scheduled prominent Jewish/Israeli critics of Israel together with individuals associated with Hamas. According to the announcement, featured speakers at the conference included:

  • Professor Norman Finkelstein
  • Professor Ilan Pappe

Dr. Finkelstein is probably best known for his book “The Holocaust Industry” in which he argued that the memory of the Holocaust was being manipulated by Jewish groups for political purposes. Ilan Pappe is an Israeli born academic living in the U.K. who ran as a Communist in the 1999 Israeli elections and his known for his “anti-Zionist” views. Azam Tamimi is a prominent member of the U.K Muslim Brotherhood and is often referred to as a “Hamas spokesman.” Ismail Patel is also closely tied to the U.K. Muslim Brotherhood and the website of Friends of Al-Aqsa, headed by Patel, links to most of the U.K chairities associated with the Union of Good, a worldwide coalition of charities raising funds for Hamas.

The global Muslim Brotherhood frequently employs Jewish individuals opposed to the State of Israel in its events.

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