Global Muslim Brotherhood Thanks Turkish Prime Minister Over Gaza Remarks


Elements of the global Muslim Brotherhood have been reported to have expressed gratitude over Turkish Prime MInister Erdogan’s remarks strongly criticizing Israeli actions in Gaza that were made at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. A Turkish news portal reported that members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood were among a delegation of Egyptian parliamentarians who visited the Turkish Ambassador in Cairo to express their thanks. According to the report:

A group of 10 MPs from Egyptian Parliamenti including members of Muslim Brotherhood and independents, visited Turkey`s Cairo ambassador Safak Gokturk to show their gratitude and regards towards Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan`s stance over the Gaza debate with Israeli President Shimon Peres in Davos meeting. MPs said Erdo?an`s reaction was a historic one. Independent MP Cemal Zehran stated that Erdogan`s attitude came before interests and principals; and it is never going to be forgotten just like some Latin American leaders` attitudes during the Gaza offensive. One of the Muslim Brotherhood MPs, Cema Kura, reminded that Ottoman sultan, Abdulhamid the Second did not give up Palestine although he was offered 45 million pounds centuries ago. Kura added Erdo?an`s behaviour was the continuation of the same insight.

Also, the Muslim Council of Britain reported that a British Muslim delegation that included individuals tied to the U.K. Muslim Brotherhood would be delivering a “letter of thanks” to the Turkish Embassy in London. According to that report:

In recognition of the principled stand of the Turkish people and the government of the Republic of Turkey throughout and after the Gaza crisis, a British Muslim delegation will be delivering a letter of thanks and support to the Turkish Embassy in London this afternoon. Led by Lord Ahmed of Rotherham and Dr Daud Abdullah, Deputy Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain, representatives of the main Muslim organisations in the UK will meet with Turkish Ambassador His Excellency Mehmet Yiðit Alpogan and express the gratitude of British Muslims to the government and people of Turkey…Dr. Daud Abdullah, Deputy Secretary-General of the MCB stated: “The Turkish Prime Minister demonstrated courage of a rare, but much needed, kind. For the leader of a major nation to assume such a principled stand offers great hope to us all, and reignited peoples’ faith in the ability of politics and politicians to bring change. We look forward to meeting His Excellency the Ambassador and expressing our support and solidarity with the government and people of Turkey.”

All the Individuals and/or organizations reported to be part of the U.K. delegations are known to have ties to the U.K. Brotherhood;

1. Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham

2. Dr Daud Abdullah, Muslim Council of Britain & Chair of the Coalition.

3. Mohammad Sawalha, British Muslim Initiative

4. Dr Arafat Madi, Palestinian Return Centre

5. Dilwar Hussain Khan, Secretary-General, Islamic Forum of Europe

6. Mohamed Ali, Islam Channel

7. Faisal Hanjera, Federation of Student Islamic Societies

8. Mawlana Mowdud Hasan, Da’watul Islam

9. Dr Hafiz al-Karmi, Palestinian Forum in Britain

10. Sayed Ferjani, Muslim Association of Britain

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