European Brotherhood Imam Training Body Meets With EU Religious Adviser


The European Assembly of Muslim Imams and Spiritual Guides (EAMI), a part of the European Muslim Brotherhood, announced that it has met with a European Commission religious advisor in Brussels. According to the announcement :

The European Assembly of Muslim Imams and Spiritual Guides is deeply concerned with Muslims in the West and their affairs as well as the good representation of their Imams before the European decision makers. On its way towards achieving such goal, the delegation of the assembly’s leaders, headed by Sheikh Wanis Al-Mabrouk, the head of the assembly, visited the European Union headquarters in Brussels, on January 30, 2009. They had an appointment with the European Commission Advisor for Dialogue with Religions, Churches and Communities of Conviction, Mr. Jorge César Das Neves [1]. The meeting, which lasted more than 80 minutes, had started with a warm welcome from the EC Advisor who received the delegation outside the meeting place. He also expressed his happiness with this important visit. The delegation included Dr. Haitham Rahma, Chairman of the assembly’s Board of Trustees; Sheikh Khedr Abdull Mo’ti, a Member of the Executive Office; Dr. Kareem Shimlal, President of the Association of Muslims in Belgium. Shiekh Wanis Mabrouk briefly introduced the visions and goals of the European Assembly; as well as its role in coordinating the efforts of imams and spiritual guides including raising their efficiency. He also explained the importance of the imam’s role in Europe; since he is their main guide and leader He also stressed the means for cooperation and coordination in achieving all the common goals, showing that the most important challenge in dialogues is how parties hear about each other, not just from each other

The announcement also indicated that EAMI leaders focused heavily on the Gaza crisis, appearing to adopt the global Muslim Brotherhood narrative that labeled Israeli actions as “terrorism” and a “holocaust.” For example:

Dr. Rahma also stressed that the concept of “terrorism” was seen differently after September 11th. But Gaza’s events will definitely change the definition and description of terrorism.

Also, Sheikh Khedr Abdull Mo’ti’ was reported to have said:

Moreover, the issue of the awful holocaust in Gaza was raised in the meeting, as the chairman of the assembly expressed all the Muslims’ condemnation of that atrocity,

Khedr Abdull Mo’ti also blamed “biased medias” for “fueling up hostility, tarnishing the image of Islam and Muslims and deepening Islamaphobia.” He also declared that the veil is an “obligation” for women.

An earlier post discussed the formation of the EAMI which was founded in February 2008 as a part of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), the umbrella body representing the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. Other posts discuss the relationship between FIOE and the EU.

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