U.K. Muslim Brotherhood Coalition To Celebrate Gaza "Victory"


Quds Press has reported on a U.K. Gaza “victory celebration” scheduled for this week that shows an interesting coalition of participants tied to the global Muslim Brotherhood. According to a Muslim World News translation of the report :

Palestine Forum Britain (PFB), headed by Dr. Hafiz al-Karmi [Mayfair, Finsbury Park mosques and more] will be celebrating tommorow ‘at the heart of London’ Gaza’s victory featuring writers, thinkers and du’a, as well as a group of artists from Palestine. There will also be a commercial market, of which revenues’ are dedicated to Gaza, and fundraising will also take place. The event will be start at 13:00 and will last until 21:00. Karmi stressed that this event comes to celebrate the victory of the Resistance [muqawama]in Gaza and show empathy with its inhabitants.

Partial list of participants, as reported:

– Sheikh Wagdy Ghoneim (recently deported from South Africa)

– Sheikh Rachid Ghannouchi (head of the Tunisian Nahda Party, member of the European Council for Fatwa and Research)

– Ali Sadruddin Bayanouni (General Supervisor of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood)

– Dr. Kemal Helbawy (Head of Center for the Study of Terrorism, Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson)

– Dr. Tariq Tahbub (one of the doctors who visited Gaza during and after the war)

– British activist from StWC

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