Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Uses Hamas Language To Condemn Israeli Military Action In Gaza


Rachid Ghannouchi, the head of the Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood and widely described as a leading “moderate”, has issued a statement on the Gaza violence that appears to adopt Hamas language to describe the conflict. The statement, issued on behalf of the Tunisian Ennahda Party, refers to the “savage attack” on Gaza, fails to mention the Hamas rocket assault on Israel, and refers to unidentified “martyrs” who are demonstrating “resistance”:

Rachid Ghannouchi
Rachid Ghannouchi

Tunis, 9 July 2014 Zionist occupation forces have unleashed a new savage attack on Gaza, targeting civilians, buildings and infrastructure, killing and injuring dozens of Gazans. The attack is continuing, and is set to escalate as Zionist military leaders threaten to invade the Gaza Strip.

Ennahdha Party:

– Condemns the brutal attack led by the Zionist military machine against the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank. – Prays for the martyrs who are paving the path to freedom and demonstrating legendary resistance. – Emphasises that overcoming the attack is achieved through resistance and the unity of the Palestinian people, and calls on Palestinian leaders to continue on the path of reconciliation and protecting its gains, foremost amongst which is the government of national consensus. – Condemns the complicit international silence and disregard for Palestinian lives, which only increase the Zionist attack’s savagery. – Calls on international organisations and all freedom-loving people around the world to condemn Zionist crimes and stand by the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank. – Calls on political parties, national organisations and all supporters of freedom in Tunisis to a protest against the attack on Gaza on Friday 11 July 2014.

Ennahdha Party President

Rached Ghannouchi

In May 2013, the GMBDW reported that Mr. Ghannouchi had  called for young people to realize that “Jihad belongs in Palestine.”>In 2011, Mr. Ghannouchi gave an interview in which he predicted the end of Israel, a viewpoint which is not surprising given that he has had a long history of ties to Palestinian extremism and calls for terrorism. In March 2014, the GMBDW reported on a dinner held in Washington DC to honor Mr. Ghannouchi that was attended by numerous US government officials.

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