Kuwait Muslim Brotherhood Leader Wants Gaza War To Continue; Tariq Suwaidan Not Heading To Gaza


Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood leader Tariq Suwaidan has given an address in which he urged that Muslims develop a plan “to wipe out Israel” and that urged  “the launching of rockets continue. ” According to a MEMRI translation:


In an address, Kuwaiti cleric Tareq Al-Suwaidan glorified martyrdom, urged all Muslims to contemplate a plan to “wipe out Israel,” and said to Hamas: “We demand that the rockets continue coming, until they bow before us.” He called upon young people to contemplate “electronic Jihad,” and said that all Muslim mothers “should suckle their babies on the hatred of the sons of Zion.” The address was posted on the Internet on July 14.

Tareq Al-Suwaidan: “We are in a conflict over our very existence with the sons of Zion. In geography as well as in history, the state of Israel is a deviant country.

“It is destined to be eradicated in its entirety. It is not just the Palestinians and not just the resistance in Gaza – we all must feel that this battle is our battle. If we do not feel that it is our battle, we have a flaw in our understanding, because we do not understand the progression of history, of geography, and the ideological – nay, the religious – conflict between us and the Israelites. Everyone must participate in this battle, wherever they may be – from Indonesia to the Muslim minorities in the U.S. Everybody must participate.

“Three days ago, I was talking to my brother Khaled Mash’al. I met him. He said: ‘We will not accept a ceasefire.’ Gone are the days when we would demand a ceasefire. I find it strange that some people are demanding a ceasefire. Absolutely not. The shooting and the launching of rockets continue. ‘If you should be suffering – they are suffering as you are suffering; but you have hope from Allah while they have none.’

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Tariq Suwaidan is one of the most important leaders of the Kuwait Brotherhood as well as the former General Manager of Al-Resalah Satellite TV, the brainchild of Saudi businessman Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. In May 2007, Suwaidan was listed by federal prosecutors in a group of U.S Muslim Brotherhood members named as part of a large group of Unindicted Co-Conspirators in the terrorism financing case against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, convicted of providing funds for Hamas. Suwaidan is also the author of the anti-Semitic “Encyclopedia of Jews.” GMBDW coverage of Suwaidan has included:

  • We reported in October 2013 that Suwaidan had been barred from entering Saudi Arabia where he planned to go on Umrah (lesser pilgrimage).
  • In August 2013, we reported that Suwaidan had been removed as head of the Al-Resalah TV channel by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal as a result of his role in the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • In April 2012,  we reported that Suwaidan gave a TV interview in which he made various anti-Semitic comments and said that the most dangerous thing facing Muslims is not dictatorships but Jews whom he calls “the greatest enemy.”
  • In January 2009, we reported on the struggle for control over Suwaidan’s Wikipedia page and the issue of whether or not he was part of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait.

MEMRI has published a profile of Suwaidan detailing some of his extremist views.

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