Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Calls Hamas Rocket Attacks “a Maneuver, Unprecedented In Battles Anywhere In The World”


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Muslim Brotherhood has issued a statement on the violence in Gaza that harshly criticizes what it calls “the coup’s own horrendous crimes in Egypt.” The statement also refers to Hamas rocket attacks on Israel as “a maneuver, unprecedented in battles anywhere in the world”:

3543827_370July 14,2014  Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood issued the following statement Sunday afternoon:

With Arab, regional and international complicity, the Zionist enemy committed its latest massacres in Gaza, which claimed the lives of hundreds of unarmed civilians and wounded hundreds more, mostly women and children. This comes only days after a visit by the coup’s intelligence chief to the Zionist enemy – fresh evidence to the murderous coup commander’s subservience to the Zionists.

It is most obvious that Zionist atrocities in Gaza are a reflection of the coup’s own horrendous crimes in Egypt. Absurd acts like closing Rafah crossing and restricting relief efforts for the people of Gaza are part and parcel of the coup regime’s unquestioning support for this brutal aggression, which the Egyptian people will not forgive. All those involved will be held accountable one day soon. All traitors will be held to task.

Saturday witnessed a maneuver, unprecedented in battles anywhere in the world, when Hamas pre-warned the Zionist enemy that it would bombard Tel Aviv one hour later. Then, the whole world witnessed as millions of Zionist entity residents rushed to shelters and Gaza warriors delivered on their promise and their resistance missiles showered Tel Aviv and other occupied Palestine territories, in an operation code-named ‘Crushed Straw’. The above tactic affirms a number of points and messages:

– The Zionist enemy is nothing but a paper tiger. All publicity about its superiority and the myth of its army is nothing but propaganda meant to scare other states and peoples. The brave Palestinian resistance has revealed the fragility of this enemy. Will the nation and its armies take a clue? Will they tread the right path and provide the heroes of resistance with what they need to achieve ultimate victory?

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