RECOMMENDED READING: “Jordan Government May Shift Policy Toward Brotherhood”


The Al-Monitor news portal has translated an Arabic language report titled “Jordan government may shift policy toward Brotherhood” which looks at the possibility of a change in the Kingdom’s stance towards the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan. The article begins:

Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood
Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood

July 9, 2014 Today a question is being posed: Has this behavior changed even though the unrest near Jordan, in Iraq and Syria, is at its highest, especially after the growing influence and threat of the terrorist organization called the Islamic State (IS, formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham)?

This question came after the Jordanian government boycotted the fourth general conference of the Islamic Action Front, the political arm of Jordan’s Brotherhood, and after the government prevented any public or private hall in the kingdom from hosting the conference, forcing the organizers to hold it in a tent a few days ago.

The government’s action sent a ‘strong’ message that betting on the Brotherhood’s ‘moderation’ in the face of extremists, jihadists, and those who use armed violence, has undergone a ‘modification.’ The Jordanian government’s decades-old view that the Brotherhood is moderate has somewhat changed after the so-called Arab Spring.”

The Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood made a mistake by trying to draw strength from the Brotherhood’s rise to power in Egypt and Mohammed Morsi becoming president. Senior Brotherhood leaders in Jordan declared that change was on the way to Jordan and that an “Islamic state” would soon be established.

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In March, the GMBDW recommended an article suggesting that suggesting that the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan was facing an increasingly deteriorating situation.

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