RECOMMENDED READING: “Turkey, Qatar Seek Foothold In Gaza Talks”


The Al Monitor news portal has posted an article titled “Turkey, Qatar Seek Foothold In Gaza Talks.” The article begins:

July 29, 2014 Having been largely isolated so far, Turkey and Qatar are trying to gain a foothold in the talks over Gaza. Working closely, the two countries and aiming for a cease-fire that includes Hamas in the negotiations and also eases the Israeli siege of Gaza.

The United States has shown some readiness to support the Turkish-Qatari endeavor, reportedly because of the influence it believes the two countries have over Hamas. But Washington’s involving Ankara and Doha in the talks has not been welcomed by everyone.

Israel, the Palestinian Authority (PA), and Egypt are angry with US Secretary of State John Kerry for pushing a cease-fire plan they believe was influenced by Turkey and Qatar. This reaction shows again Ankara and Doha’s unwelcome position in the region because of their unqualified support for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Arguing that Kerry’s cease-fire attempt ended in a “fiasco,” The Wall Street Journal in a July 28 commentary underlined that Jordan and Saudi Arabia were also among regional countries that do not want a Palestinian state run by Hamas.

Due to its radical Islamic outlook and close links to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas remains unloved and unwanted by most regimes in the Middle East, even though it was elected by the people of Gaza. Few countries in the region are therefore likely to be pleased with Turkish and Qatari attempts at empowering the group.

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Qatar has always been a major supporter of both Hamas and the Global Muslim Brotherhood while Turkey has emerged in recent years as another key source of support.

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