Azzam Tamimi Says UK Conservative Victory Good For The Muslim Brotherhood


The website of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has posted a statement by UK Muslim Brotherhood leader and Hamas spokesman Azzam Tamimi. According to the statement, Dr. Tamimi asserts that the recent victory by the Conservative Party in the UK elections will result in an improved position for the Muslim Brotherhood:

May 12,2015 The British Conservative Party’s recent election victory and the continuation of David Cameron as prime minister may reopen the British Muslims file as well as the investigation of the affairs and activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain.

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Azzam Tamimi, leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain, said he did not expect the Conservatives’ latest election win to have any negative repercussions for Muslims in general.

‘Most likely, the situation will improve, because of the changes in the Saudi position vis-à-vis the Muslim Brotherhood. It also is most likely that the investigation of the group’s activities will not be reopened. The matter has come to an end.'”

In March, the GMBDW reported that the UK Prime Minister Cameron had intervened to postpone the publication of an investigation he ordered into the Muslim Brotherhood, likely until after the election.

Azzam Tamimi was a long time member of the Muslim Association of Britain but switched allegiance to the British Muslim Initiative, both organizations being part of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK. In September 2014, an article posted on the  Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood website described Azzam Tamimi as “a leader member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain.” In January of 2008 he told Iranian TV that “I want to see Israel come to an end.” During a 2012 speaking appearance at the Queen Mary University Palestine Solidarity Society , Dr. Tamimi reiterated his ties to Hamas and his willingness to become a “martyr” if he had the opportunity.

For a profile on Dr. Tamimi, go here.

Azzam Tamimi
Azzam Tamimi

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