Egypt Releases Son Of Salah Soltan; Mohamed Soltan Returning To The US


Reuters is reporting that Mohamed Soltan, the son of the notorious anti-Semite and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood figure Salah Soltan,, has been released from a prison in Egypt and is returning to the United States. According to the report:

May 30, 2015 CAIRO  (Reuters) – An Egyptian-American jailed in Egypt for nearly two years for involvement in the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood has been released and is headed for the United States, his family said on Saturday.

Mohamed Soltan was among thousands detained after Islamist president Mohamed Morsi was toppled in 2013 by the military under Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who is now president.

An Egyptian court had condemned Soltan’s father, Salah, to death.

‘By the grace of God, we are incredibly happy to confirm that Mohamed is on his way home after nearly two years in captivity,’ wrote Soltan’s sister Hanaa on Facebook.

‘After extensive efforts, the U.S. Government has successfully secured Mohamed’s deportation back home to the U.S., mercifully concluding this dark chapter for Mohamed and our family.’

The family has run a campaign to free her 27-year-old brother, who had been on hunger strike in detention and has appeared emaciated in photographs. His U.S. citizenship meant U.S. officials had called for an end to his detention, citing concerns about his health.

The United States welcomed his release on Saturday, with a State Department official saying: ‘We believe this step brings a conclusion to this case and we are glad Mr. Soltan will now be reunited with his family in the United States.’

A court said Mohamed had supported the Islamist movement and transmitted false news. His family denies he was a member of the Brotherhood, unlike his father, who was a senior figure in the group.”

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Although the Reuters report does identify Mohamed Soltan as the son of Salah Soltan, most of the mainstream reporting fails to make this identification and none that we reviewed delved either into his father’s background nor that of Mohamed Soltan himself. As we have frequently reported here, Salah Soltan (aka Sultan) is a notorious anti-Semite who is close to Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi and is or was a member of several important US and European Muslim Brotherhood organizations. Although as reported, his family is denying that he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a US blog has documented Mohamed Soltan’s support for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood while he was living in the US including a beaming photograph of him together with his father and Qaradawi. In April 2014, we reported on a demonstration held by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in support of Mohamed Soltan.

NOTE: The GMBDW presents the above information on Mohamed Soltan for purposes of context and not to endorse or approve of any ill-treatment he may or may not have received as the hands of the Egyptian authorities.

Sarah Soltan (L) with Qaradawi and Father
Sarah Soltan (L) with Qaradawi and Father

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