RECOMMENDED READING:: “in Egypt, The Muslim Brotherhood’s New Leaders Turn Revolutionary To Stay Revelant”


Analyst Eric Trager has published an analysis of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt that looks at what the report calls ” a low-profile insurgency” launched by the organization’s younger members. The report begins:

May 20, 2105 Amr Farrag is a prominent Muslim Brotherhood youth cadre. The 28-year-old Cairene is a widely followed exponent of the organization’s ideology on social media and manages the popular pro-Brotherhood news portal Rassd. But these days, he no longer operates in Cairo. On July 5, 2013—two days after the Egyptian military responded to mass protests by removing Brotherhood-backed President Mohamed Morsi—the organization’s leaders urged Farrag to relocate to Istanbul, so that he could evade the Egyptian government’s anti-Brotherhood crackdown and reestablish the organization’s media operations in exile. Meanwhile, as many more Muslim Brothers fled to Turkey during the chaotic weeks that followed Morsi’s ouster, the Brotherhood formed a committee in Istanbul to resettle them, hoping to preserve the organization until it could return to power in Egypt, which it promised its members would happen very soon.

But as the months wore on, and Egypt’s repression of the Muslim Brotherhood grew more severe (at least 2,500 people were killed and 16,000 imprisoned, and Morsi has just been sentenced to death), impatience with the rate of progress divided the organization’s younger members from its older ones. Farrag and other exiled Brotherhood youths rebelled against the group’s older leaders, blaming them for ‘misanalyzing’ the political situation leading up to Morsi’s overthrow and then mismanaging the post-Morsi period. They further rejected their leaders’ calls for a patient, long-term struggle against Egypt’s military-backed government. They advocated instead for revolutionary—and violent—tactics to destabilize the government sooner rather than later.”

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The GMBDW reported in April that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood had announced the selection of a new head for what was described as the “Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Administrative Office abroad.” At the time, we thought that the new position might be related to the  so-called  “International Organization Of The Muslim Brotherhood (IOMB) but it now appears that as the article describes, the new Brotherhood department will deal with centralizing the work of the group’s exiles.


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