Muslim Student Association To Hold Leadership Retreat In Pennsyvania; Program Features Speakers Tied To US Muslim Brotherhood


The Cultural Jihad blog has reported that the Muslim Students Association (MSA) will be holding it’s National Leadership Retreat (NLR) from June 2-7 at a Pennsylvania summer camp. The report begins:

May 15, 2105 The Muslim Students Association (MSA) will be holding it’s National Leadership Retreat (NLR),  June 2-7 2015 at Camp Lindenmere in Henryville, PA

MSA’s Facebook page states that the NLR is a ‘critical platform that’ will:

Provide participants with personal development opportunities Allow participants to network with other activists and MSA Officers from different parts of the nation. This network will become a critical resource of support that participants can use beyond the Retreat for their personal and institutional development Create opportunities to exchange best practices, challenges and solutions participants might be experiencing on the local level Connect local MSA activists and officers with the new vision, mission and leadership of MSA National Scheduled speakers  include:

Dr. Altaf Hussain –  former two-term national president of the Muslim Students Association (MSA National), a current executive committee member of the Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA), chair of the Leadership Development Committee of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Peaceful Families Project – dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence. Dr. Hussain was recently elected the Vice President of ISNA in 2014.

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According to a Hudson Institute report authored by the GMBDW editor, the Muslim Student Association was the earliest known public front organization of what would later become the US Muslim Brotherhood and many USMB leaders were active in the early days of MSA. In 2011, the MSA was listed as a “constituent organization of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), itself a major part of the USMB. Previous posts have discussed important individuals close to the USMB who have emerged from an MSA background such as Mazen Asbahi who then candidate Obama appointed as his campaign Muslim outreach advisor. Asbahi was a former MSA leader who resigned his position after less than two weeks on the job when the GMBDW detailed his ties to the USMB.

The Investigative Project has compiled a report on the history and extremism of the MSA.

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