Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Chief Calls For "Victory Or Martyrdom" Over Israel


Mohamed Mahdi Akef, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, has complained that no results were achieved during the recent Annapolis Mideast peace conference and calling on to “resist the Zionist enemy” until “victory or martyrdom.” In a statement carried on the English language Muslim Brotherhood website, Akef first said that Arabs and Palestinians returned from the conference “with no concrete results as much as rights of Palestinians refugees, 1948 Arabs, Palestinian statehood, Jerusalem are concerned.” He then went on to accuse the Americans and Israelis of “intriguing and conspiring against Arabs and Muslims in Palestine , Iraq and others”:

In spite this participation, the Israelis continued their aggression on our Palestinian brothers, especially in Gaza . Throughout several days, assassinations are committed by the Zionists who are using huge military weapons and vehicles backed by the US administration which is used to intriguing and conspiring against Arabs and Muslims in Palestine , Iraq and others. An inhumane blockade is still imposed on Gaza Strip where children, elders and women die due to lack of medicine and food, said the MB chairman. He added that America and the Israelis are leading a fierce international campaign against these unarmed civilians aiming to prevent the Palestinian factions from carrying out their legitimate role of resistance in addition to humiliating the Palestinian people through denying them food.The MB leader said those who rushed to Annapolis , including the Palestinian Authority and Arab governments, are helplessly doing nothing to lift the blockade imposed on Palestinians in Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Akef finished his statement by calling on “Arab peoples” to continue funding the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and to seek “victory or martyrdom”:

The chairman of the group urged Arab peoples to exert their utmost efforts to help their brothers in Palestine . He urged them to do their best and continue working till their donations and aid reach the Palestinian people, especially in Gaza Strip, and to ask their governments to support their brothers in Palestine by all means. The MB chairman added that we should be in the same boat with the Palestinian people, resist the Zionist enemy and US rulers against all forms and schemes of normalization till we reach, according to resistance leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, a victory or martyrdom.

As a previous post reported, in October Akef said that the Muslim Brotherhood would never recognize Israel.

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