Florida Lawsuit Seeks Disclosure Of CAIR Financial Records


A Florida Christian minister has filed a lawsuit seeking to halt the planned construction of a large Florida mosque and at the same time gaining access to the financial records of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. According to a report carried on an Internet news portal, the facility is intended for largely black neighborhood and is planned by a local Islamic Center whose work is being supported by CAIR:

Rev. O’Neal Dozier, a former NFL player who now is minister at the Worldwide Christian Center, a church attended by about 600, told WND his lawsuit is over the plans for a nearly 30,000-square foot mosque in his church’s neighborhood. “What we’re looking at now is that we have a hearing coming up in January of 2008,” he said. “Of course, this hearing is on a motion by the Islamic Center and CAIR to dismiss our case. That’s what they’re trying to do. “What we’re trying to do right now, is we need to come up with the funds to do an adequate discovery,” he said. “We need to do a very good one, depose all of the various persons on the other side, get all of the pertinent information, get their financial affidavits. We want to get copies of their books. We want to be able to get into their bank accounts.”

Rev Dozier goes on to assert that the location was selected because of the anger felt by residents:

He said the mosque in question, with a membership he estimated in the dozens, already has a facility in Pompano Beach, but the CAIR leaders say it is too small. They say they need the nearly 30,000-square foot facility on land near the Worldwide Christian Center, in the heart of a financially struggling neighborhood of mostly black residents. Dozier charges that the only reason CAIR needs such a facility is for recruitment of membership into a cadre of citizens who share a hatred of whites and the U.S. government.”In this area it would be a bad area to have a mosque, because they would have the potential of breeding terrorists,” Dozier told WND. “I know them (the community members) well. Many of them are angry. They feel like they’ve been left out. They’re angry at the government. Angry at the white man. It’s just a terrible situation if they were to come in here …”

The report alleges that they allegations about the neighborhood are confirmed by comments by Altaf Ali, a CAIR official reported as:

“They picked that spot because they were sympathetic to the black struggle and believed the feelings were mutual, especially since the persecution after 9/11.”

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