Qaradawi Makes Embarrassing Comments About HIV/AID At Cairo Conference


Gulf media have reported on remarks about Aids by the leader of the global Muslim Brotherhood which appear to have embarrassed the organizers of a work on HIV/Aids given for Islamic religious leaders. According to a report on the workshop held recently in Cairo, Qatari Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi was reported to have said:

The most effective way of fighting Aids is to keep away from adultery, and if the person is tempted by Satan, he should use the condom.”

However, the report also stated that the statement by Qaradawi, featured in a documentary on the workshop, caused a controversy among the participants who said that he was misquoted. Apparently the remarks were embarrassing for the conference leaders who reportedly has hoped the workshop ” would convey a message of compassion instead of stigmatising and action rather than denial and passivity.” It is not clear exactly who organized the conference by attendees included Qatari religious leaders who have organized a National Committee for Aids Prevention. A post from last week reported on a conference on HIV/Aids organized by an agency of the British government along with a number of organizations associated with the global Muslim Brotherhood.

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