U.K Muslim Brotherhood Joins Gaza Support Coalition


The British Muslim Initiative (BMI), a part of the U.K. Muslim Brotherhood, has joined a coalition that has established the “International Campaign Against the Siege on Gaza.” The BMI website has announced a candlelit vigil to be held this Saturday opposite the Prime Minister’s residence:

There are 1.5 million people, including women and children in the Gaza strip suffering the consequences of an oppressive siege and threatened with further measures of power cuts and cuts in foods and medicines allowed into the strip. Please show your support by attending the candlelit vigil to call for an end to the siege which has so far caused 33 deaths and is causing untold misery to the residents of the Gaza Strip.

The coalition is comprised of another Brotherhood group, two Palestinian organizations, and the Stop the War Coalition which was the far-left political partner of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), the preeminent Muslim Brotherhood organization in Britain until BMI was created. WHOIS information for the coalition website indicates that the coalition was constituted at the end of November. The global Muslim Brotherhood actively supports Hamas throughout the world.

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