Italy To Try Two Italian Muslim Brotherhood Leaders For Inciting Racial Hatred


It appears as if Nour Dachan and Hamza Piccardo, two leaders of the Unione delle Comunità ed organizzazioni Islamiche in Italia (UCOII), a large Muslim Brotherhood organization in Italy, will be tried on charges of inciting racial hatred in connection for various remarks made comparing Israeli to Nazi Germany and accusing it of “ethnic cleansing”..A previous post reported on the controversy surrounding an advertisement placed by the UCOII in various Italian newspapers which said that the Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza could be compared to the crimes of Nazi-occupation in Italy. At the time, there were calls for the exclusion of UCOII head Mohamed Nour Dachan from the Council which had been established to advise the government on Islamic issues. According to a report of the Italian news agency, Italian authorities will go ahead with a prosecution based on the advertisement as well a message on an internet site traced back to Piccardo. Also facing trial are the UCOII spokesman and the publisher of an Islamic publishing house.

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