Istanbul Conference To Feature Muslim Brotherhood Speakers, Individual With Far-Right Past


A conference entitled the “International Conference On Islamophobia” will be held from December 8-9 at the Grand Cevahir Hotel in Istanbul. The conference, organized by a Turkish organization known as “The Union Of Ngos Of The Islamic World”, will feature a large number of prominent speakers with ties to the global Muslim Brotherhood including:

  • Ahmed Von Denffer (Germany)
  • Anwar Ibrahim (Malaysia)
  • Iqbal Sacranie (U.K)
  • John Esposito (U.S)
  • Karen Armsttrong U.S
  • Lord Nazim Ahmed (U.K.)
  • Louay Safi (U.S.)
  • Merve Safa Kavakçi (U.S.)
  • Tariq Ramadan (Switzerland)
  • Sulayman Nyang (U.S.)

Also speaking will be William Baker,head of the Christians and Muslims For Peace, whose anti-Semitic and far-right extremist background has been explored by local media. In recent years, Baker has been a guest at events hosted by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Student Association.

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